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Originally Posted by Sunsurge View Post
Has anyone out there compared the Takara MPM-03 to the Hasbro MPM-03?
Can anyone recommend one over the other or are both much the same?
There has been one comparison, sadly last one I've seen was via one of the international based facebook pages and thats ages ago to junt upright link you so I'll drop what I do remember.

No stickers on box to replace japanese text as the box has been reprinted, but its just the warning info underneath (so it matches past mp boxes) and character name text boxes,the gimmick info is still in english despite these changes

-toy itself
Biggest visual change is the clear pieces in the headlights and robot head are straight up clear (hasbro has them tinted blue) and SOME of the tampographed info on the back of the car doors has been removed, basically just the big main number remains

If there are more deco differences I couldn't make out from the pictures supplied nor could I understand from what was posted, but they're essentially the same so get whatever works for you, sad thing is I'm a completionist so now I need a takara mpm04 to match and he's alot harder to get -_-
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