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On the Good Morning America news this morning was a note that the "father" of GIJoe had died... so I looked up their website article, and it seems that it was the Hasbro Executive (Donald Levine) who developed the line, not the person who created the soldier doll idea (Stan Weston as noted on pages 112-113 above) and sold it to Hasbro.

It's kinda like with Transformers - the toys were first designed and created by various Japanese people (some of whom are known by fans), but it was a Hasbro Executive in 1983 that would ultimately be credited as the "father" of Transformers by creating the storyline and Brand of Transformers (putting together a team of people to create characters and bible).

This 50th Anniversary of GIJoe is not shaping up to be too memorable, as Hasbro stopped the toyline, and, we have one of its creators dying.
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