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Originally Posted by Bladestorm View Post
Love the concept, and I would definitely be keen to contribute $$ and anything else that may help make the boards economically sound. I know the AU$$ sucks right now but if there is a way I can assist with sourcing or some such please do let me know.

I also like the idea that you would possibly generate enough cashflow to help develop the presence of the fandom. Tables at conventions, etc is a GREAT idea and the dream of running an Ozformers major event is awesome.

My only question is in terms of a "payment for entry" competition are there any state/federal laws or licensing surrounding this you need to be aware of? (in HK you need a license to run "paid" competitions even if they are for charity donation)

I also hope you have calculated enough to recoup the paypal and any debit fees as well.
Bladestorm raises a very interesting point here surrounding the legality. I haven't really looked into it but off the top of my head, and this is based on NSW laws, this is unlikely to require a license to operate.

However, I would suggest a very carefully worded explanation regarding the manner in which any prize giveaways occur and I would also suggest that you ensure that cubes are a bi-product of the donation and that cubes are revocable at any time for any reason, solely determined by you. In other words, people are donating freely, its not paying for a cube which in turn gives them the ability to win a prize.

I'll have a little bit of a look into this in my own free time but I can probably assist in drafting relevant clauses if you need a hand.

You also don't want this to get into a whole business v hobby thing which gets the ATO involved... I know we are not talking a lot of money here but those guys can be a massive pain for no reason.
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