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Originally Posted by BigTransformerTrev View Post
I never even came across the TF4 soundtrack - I'd assumed they'd never made a CD of it
The TF4 soundtrack was limited in release to something stupid like 15000 copies worldwide. It wasn't Steve's restriction, it was Paramount.
I got the TF4 soundtrack on iTunes as soon as it came out thankfully as it sold out quickly and despite numerous pleas by Steve and customers alike they wouldn't re-issue or open it up again... to the point that even when I moved computer and went to re-download my iTunes library it wouldn't let me download the TF4 soundtrack even though I had paid for it previously. Thankfully my hubs is an ex sys admin and makes us do loads of backups so I was able to restore it from a backup instead.

I want to get the TF5 soundtrack... did anyone take up that offer to get it shipped to Oz?
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