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Originally Posted by griffin View Post
For the Michael Bay fans out there, tonight on channel seven, the movie "13 Hours" is on, from about 9.30pm.
This was one of just two non-Transformers movies that Michael Bay directed during his 10 year run on Transformers... neither of which raked in huge amounts at the box office.

It's interesting to see that Michael Bay has only ever directed 13 movies, and five of them (almost 40% of his directing experience) were Transformers movies.
His box office average though is still pretty impressive, despite a fairly poor average to his review ratings.
I got through about half of 13 Hours on Netflix a while back... It's not bad, but there are some lazy character and story-telling elements in there that made finishing the film low down on my priority list. Like all Bay films though, it looks spectacular, and there's the usual glorification of the military that can be a bit sickening (especially for non-'Muricans).

Was the other film he made during the TF years "Pain and Gain" (or something like that)? I've read theories about that film that fit into my ideas about Bay as a film maker, especially with regards to his TF work - i.e. that what he's doing might look superficially bad, but his movies are actually cleverly and deliberately perverse.

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