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Originally Posted by Ode to a Grasshopper View Post
The sad bit is, I suspect it won't make enough of a dint in sales to really be worth TT's notice. Most TF sales are to parents, for many Japanese kids are going to notice or care that their Optimus Prime looks just like the foreign one, and that's a step down to what it used to be?
^This. And don't forget that officially speaking, TakaraTOMY aren't supposed to be marketing their toys at Hasbro markets. They're only supposed to be targeting their toys at their own market (and the same goes for Hasbro not interfering with TakaraTOMY's market). Speculate all you like, but this is the existing legal agreement between both companies. Neither company are entitled to differentiate their products from each other. And while many Legends figures looked nicer than their Titans Return counterparts, don't forget that they were also double the price.
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