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Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
^This. And don't forget that officially speaking, TakaraTOMY aren't supposed to be marketing their toys at Hasbro markets. They're only supposed to be targeting their toys at their own market (and the same goes for Hasbro not interfering with TakaraTOMY's market).
A couple of points come to mind here. The first is that technically Takara haven't been marketing their figures to Hasbro's Markets. What Takara have done is market their figures to Japanese retailers and etailers, some of whom happen to be retail outlets which export to Hasbro's territories. Sure, you could argue that Takara could be expected to slap a C&D order on the likes of HLJ, but in light of Hasbro's behaviour here, it would be very difficult to make a case for it.

That leads me to the second point. Arguably the biggest contributor to Takara releases being sold in Hasbro territories, are Hasbro themselves - specifically Hasbro Asia. Every single exporter of Takara figures who operates outside of Japan, as well as US importers like TF Source, all get their figures from Hasbro Asia.

In other words, not only is it not being adhered to, but you even have Hasbro marketing Takara's products for them in their own territories.

So yes, technically the legal agreement is there, but it's one which neither side clearly views as being a hard and fast rule regarding the other's releases.
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