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Our first decent plot synopsis for the Bumblebee movie has just been found, on a listing for the DVD/BR in Germany...

1987, California: In her sleepy home town of Brighton Falls, 17-year-old Charlie Watson (H.Steinfeld) from escaping the wasteland of their community. One day she discovers an old VW Beetle at the nearby junkyard and begins to get it started again in loving detail. But, as it quickly turns out, behind the battered vintage car, is an alien Autobot named Bumblebee, who many decades earlier was commissioned to protect humanity from an invasion of the evil Decepticons. But when a Sector 7 agent named Burns (J. Cena) starts asking questions in the little village that leaves little doubt as to his destination, Charlie realizes that she has to help Bumblebee escape as quickly as possible. But there is already a Plymouth GTX in their way, who has been pursuing the yellow Transformer for quite some time and leaves no stone unturned,
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