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In hand photos of several of the figures.

Blackout is bought.

Starscream I'm going back and forth on. The HFTD Leader Class is a phenomenal figure and I found the DOTM Deluxe (which the Studio Series Screamer is based on) to be underwhelming. It photographs damn well though.

Prime looks... interesting. As with Leader Starscream, ROTF Leader Prime is pretty much unassailable, so I'm perhaps slightly lukewarm on this one too. The fake chest kibble kills it for me, I think. Fake chest parts with the actual real chest windows right underneath is a big turnoff.

Stinger is a big big yes, especially after I spend a few minutes going back over the concept art and seeing how close they managed to get it without cheating.

Jazz, Bumblebee and Brawl are all maybe. They look very good, but I've got enough good representations of each of them that I feel like I wouldn't be missing out to skip them. I do like the designs, but not to the extent of Starscream or Prime where I'll happily own multiple different versions. If these come to retail here I'll probably grab them, but won't order them off the internet like Blackout and Stinger.

Lockdown I'll wait to see more of. The sample on show over the weekend was underpainted, compared to the in hand photos of the figure above. It looks quite nice once painted up.

Megatron, Dread and Grimlock also look great from an engineering point of view, but I won't be getting them because the design and characters don't appeal.

Ratchet is the only one that outright seems a bit trash.
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