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Originally Posted by Sunsurge View Post
So I ordered Toys Alliance MAS-01 from RK and have hit a snag. According to it's tracking no. it is stuck in limbo and hasn't moved for almost 4 weeks.

TNT gave me a call a few days ago asking for a Con-note & Invoice but Robot Kingdom says there is no Con-note and they don't ship items with an invoice. So it seems I am somewhat stuck in the middle between the two.

And I have to say that RK have not been overly helpful, it feels like they're palming me off and trying to get me to sort it out. Not happy after paying $70USD for EMS shipping.
What do you mean by "limbo"?

Ultimately it is uo to RK to sort it out, or you can go through PayPal.
Which brings us to where we are today...

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