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The next batch of TF5 Movie toys for Japan have now been revealed, including nine of the mainline toys, the release of the Hasbro Tribute Leader Optimus toy as an Amazon Japan exclusive, and the various US ToysRUs exclusives being released through ToysRUs Japan. The third link also shows us that the other Hasbro Tribute toys are also going to be Amazon Japan exclusives (Bumblebee 3-pack and Optimus 2-pack).

MPM-4 Optimus Prime 15,000 yen

TLK-20 Hotrod 2,800 yen
TLK-21 Crosshairs 2,800 yen
TLK-22 Bumblebee 2,800 yen
TLK-23 Strafe 2,800 yen
TLK-24 Dinobot Scorn 4,500 yen
TLK-25 (unknown voyager) 4,500 yen
TLK-29 (unknown deluxe) 2,800 yen
TLK-30 (unknown leader) 6,800 yen
TLK-31 Big Speed Change Dragonstorm 6,800 yen

Amazon exclusives
TLK-EX Tribute Leader Optimus 12,270 yen (August 31st)
TLK-EX Tribute Bumblebee 3-pack (September 30th)

ToysRUs exclusives (all appear to be August, but TBC when listed on TRU website)
Combiner Infernocus
Legion 2-pack Optimus & Grimlock
Legion 2-pack Bumblebee & Megatron
Deluxe Skullitron
Deluxe Megatron
Planet Cybertron
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