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Busy month:

CW Optimus, Gen Drift, Legends Animated Optimus & Gen Ironhide thanks to STL
LG Ultra Magnus thanks to Kazza
TR Legends Brawn thanks to doublespy
CW Deluxe Groove & CW Streetwise from TheLittleToyCompany
CW Victorion & TR Sentinel Prime (about time) from PC
CW Alpha Bravo, CW Fireflight & CW Hotspot from TCCA Sale Yard
CW Smokescreen & TR Gnaw from Target
And CW G2 Brake Neck, UW Scattershot & UW Afterburner from eBay

Like I said, busy month
WANTED BOTS: G1: Horri-bull, Carnivac, Snarler, Mainframe, Chop Shop, Ransack CHUG: Razorclaw, Rampage, Divebomb, Headstrong, Tantrum, Sideswipe, Cog, Battle Patrol, Race Car Patrol, Rescue Patrol, Optimus Prime MASTERPIECE: Acid Storm, Cordon
PRIME(HASTAK): Thundercracker ENERGON: Six Shot
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