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Default Fallen in Battle - toys broken while in your possession

Since a lot of our toys are aging and deteriorating/breaking just from transforming them (or playing with them, if you still do)... I was thinking that maybe we can see what people are breaking unintentionally.
People can suggest repairs if they want, but this can just document the the various figures that are breaking through "normal play" or accidental causes, so we can share in the pain of breaking something prized, rare or expensive (or common even).

These are some examples of what I mean...

This "tragedy" occurred to me two weeks ago, while setting up a group-shot of my toys (playing with themselves). My Junior Fortress Maximus fell to the floor and broke its arm.

I'm gonna have to disect the toy and glue the arm back to its stump, and then keep an eye out for a cheap junker.
It's just annoying that I only got this toy 15 months ago, after about 10 years of wanting one.

I only recently got the Tigatron USB stick to complete the set of three, and as I had the three out, the jaw broke off Ravage (Cheetor's jaw broke off the day I got it out of its box - so now only Tigatron is unbroken).

This one was trying to straighten out a bent arm on a Sentinel Prime figurine, and it just snapped off. Another job for superglue.

And one that can't be fixed...
Rampage's shiny red coating rubbing off one day when I was cleaning the dust off it with a cloth.

Ones I don't have photos for...
- Masterpiece Ultra Magnus. The Megatron gun was snapped in half by the neighbour's kid, and it's the unique deco version (I wouldn't have cared as much if it was one of the Optimus ones, as there are several now in classic Megatron colours... but this was the only "diaclone" coloured version so far released).
- Dual Model Kit Bumblebee. Broke one of the tiny struts for a "back wing" while building it, which is too small for the weight it is holding for the re-gluing attempts to work.
- Robot Masters Starscream. A friend was transforming it and snapped off a tail-fin. They replaced it with a new Starscream, but the tail-fin could probably glue back on.
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