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My Breakages

*One of Silverbolts leg joints snapped off. Then a year later the other one did. Now to make him stand I need to use bluetack and making Superion is almost impossible

*A year ago poor old Sludges leg broke off. Was transforming him the same way I had a million times before - poor fella is just old

*Bought a Fizzle off ebay earlier this year. The front broke off the very first time I tried to Transform him. Also my Ratbat came with his ears broken off (which it did NOT show in the pic).

*My MISB Reflector that I got two years ago, someone stood on his camera barrel and it broke evenly in half. Still waiting for me to glue back together.

*My wife's idiot cousin grabbed my Gears and banged him around the monopoly board we were using him as a piece for and broke off one of his shinguards

*My mate gave me a Powerglide, a Thrust and a Jetfire out of his old toy box. Jetfire is missing an arm, one of Thrusts guns in broken and he is missing one tailfin and Powerglide had been broken some time in the past and been superglued back together in vehicle mode. But they were free so I still appreciated them

*Found a red Bumblebee, though with all the rubber missing from his tires. Still a good find though!

*Bulkhead broke in half at the hip. Still able to stand him up if I balance him carefuly

*My 6 inch WW Optimus fell forward and his gun broke in half

*My little Bumblebee bust fell forward and broke all the fingertips off one hand
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