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My first Lego acquisitions in the lego acquisition thread:

In love with Exo-Force at the moment.

The 7721 looks very awkward online but in RL it looks quite lovely and menacing. I might be able to use it to make a Black Zarak at some point! And likely it'd be the closest I'd ever come to owning a Black Zarak.

Oh, and the 7721 will be a very fond memory for me (beyond the fact that my gf got it for me so I didn't have to pay a cent!). Lots of craziness. When I bought the 7721 for Jaydisc and Fungal, there were a couple in the line in front of me. They were running some poor girl ragged by basically using an old receipt and then asking if they could change the items they'd previously bought with the ones they now wanted. The girl was really not sure about this but the two clowns in their suits pressured her and pressured her. The first item I thought "okay, maybe a once off" but then the second item was a DVD. The girl told them it wasn't the same barcode as the original receipt and the woman started imposing themselves saying they're the same price and she doesn't want to pay for a DVD she no longer wants. At this point I the checkout chick was going red with a massive line forming behind her and then said she'd do it. Pissed off, I intervened and told her that she shouldn't feel pressured b/c it's not really her job. There's a good reason why there's a returns desk and she has every right to ask them to do returns/exchanges at the proper location. The couple then stared at me with a look that could melt the north pole. The guy told me this was none of my business and I should shut up. I told him I was just being courteous b/c I felt they were unfairly pressuring the girl. The guy told me to butt out of it and again to shut up. I told him he lacked the intelligence to properly communicate with other human beings in non-derogatory words of more than one syllable which I found rather saddening. He told me I was a smart ass and I told him I just possessed the requisite vocabulary without having to drop down to his level. He told me to repeatedly shut up. At that point, I told the checkout chick that she should ask the manager. But by this time, the manager had noticed the commotion and come over. I explained that I was just trying to explain to the couple there's a reason why there's a returns desk and furthermore it's way too easy to walk into a store grab two items (one on the receipt and the one they want) and then walk to the checkout asking to exchange the items without ever bringing in the original item. It's a check and balance. Otherwise, hell I'd walk out with 10 Lego sets for every just having bought the one. The couple stared at me with a look that could kill and I just smiled blankly at him while the manager told them they'd done the wrong thing and asked them to come to the exchange counter with her. They were not happy. After they marched behind the store manager, I apologised to the checkout chick for making a scene and But it annoyed me that there were poeple like this. This was Camberwell... one of my favourite areas to shop.

On top of that, the box I grabbed for Fungal ended up not having instructions and I ran around like a headless chook on crutches trying to grab a second one. In the end I just replaced the missing instruction booklet w/ one of my own so all that worrying for nothing.

Originally Posted by Autocon View Post
how many in the exo force set altogether??
About 31 sets all up but in my opinion only about 24 of them are worth chasing down.

Jaydisc and I have sourced out the missing 8100 one we really want which is 8103 and I'm now turning my attention to 7709 and 7712 but it looks like eBay may be the only way to go for the latter. I really really want 7709, especially since Fungal confirmed what I expected which was that the blue bot in 7709 is one of the best in the line.

And Fungal's helping us out too to get 7714 Golden Guardian (the best of the line from everything I've seen/read) as well as 7713.

The other great thing about Exo-Force is that it's finite... which makes me sad... but at least I know it won't be a long running addiction like say TFs.
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