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I guess I'm lucky I'm on Telstra for the time being. My two week old 8tb external hard drive that had all my Xbox One X games on it died and now I have to redownload about 5tb of games minus the ones I actually have on disk that don't have a massive update to download.

Fortunately I just got confirmation from Telstra's Australian based support team that they are fine with downloading 5tb of Xbox One games on their unlimited
ADSL service (I probably can't even download that much in a single billing cycle anyway). But I bet they would take a different view if it was 5tb of bittorrent traffic.

If all goes well I'll hopefully have everything redownloaded before I get the NBN and get switched over to Aussie Broadband who currently don't have unlimited data, which I'm fine with because unlimited data ISP's are terrible in this country.
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