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G'day all,

Been a Transformers fan since I was a kid, loved the G1 cartoon and used to watch the movie on VHS over and over and over...

Have really enjoyed the more recent video games as well, Fall of Cybertron, and Devastation both being excellent imo.

Made an Optimus costume for a mate's 30th a couple years back, and just recently made my 2yr old son a non-transforming Optimus out of wood, mainly because he's too little to play with any delicate plastic pieces yet (images below)

In the past few years I have had some spare funds to begin a small collection, focusing mainly on combiners (3rd party, as they look amazing compared to Hasbro's offerings...), as when I was much younger I never had a full set of any G1 combiners (the Aerialbots but not Silverbolt, 2 Stunticons, Onslaught but no other Combaticon, etc lol).

The main reason I am posting here is to try and access the Member's Sales thread, as I am thinking of getting rid of some items in the near future.


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