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Wave 3 Voyager Scorn gallery, with the TF4 Deluxe Scorn toy... which seems like another wasted toy slot used up for a character not even in the movie (or probably was in the original script that Hasbro were working from, like the Nitro-Cogman interplay gimmick).

Some more official images of Leader Class Dragonstorm, with some alternative looks at the two robots and the combined Dragon mode. Plus official images of the Sqweeks voice changer mask (not a full helmet).

Plus, official images of the Reveal the Shield Tiny Changer 3-pack of Optimus, Bumblebee and Steelbane. This set isn't expected in Australia. It was released in Asia last week and should be a Target exclusive in America.

And a photo of Infernocus next to the Beast Hunters Abominus... showing us the size difference of the new core figure, and the improved body to limb ratio from a larger core figure.
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