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It's a shame really, and surprising, considering that we had stores here selling them for a lot less than they should have been after the US RRP increased so much - Kmart and BigW were the same price as TF4 Deluxes, but the US RRP had gone up since TF4 by 33% (US$15 for TF4 to US$20 for TF5). The price here should have gone up to about $35 at Kmart/BigW, and $40+ for the other stores who were charging more. As such, they should have been more successful... if the first wave was more exciting than two redecos (one wasn't even in the movie) and a toy that should have just been a TF3 redeco since it didn't spend more than 5 seconds on screen (Berzerker).

Looks like the Autobots Unite version Deluxe Hotrod is available at Walmart... so the report about it being removed was wrong.
It just means that the Premier Edition version will mean that the toy itself is no longer a Walmart exclusive.... but the box still is.
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