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Today Ocular Max Jaguar and Cybertron Con 2013 MP Grimlock arrived! yay! Both were impulse purchases bought to cheer me up... and they have!

I Love Jaguar, he's nice and heavy, looks just like ravage. My only complaint is that his body doesn't tab together securely, aside from that he's so much better than the official MP Ravage (with his head split... urgh)

Grimlock is pretty cool but he's a bit loose in the joints. I'm not sure I transformed him correctly (I hate it when they come in robot mode but the instructions are from alt mode -> robot) and his belly doesn't seem to match up with his tail, and some silver chipped off him when transforming to dino mode... but he still looks awesome in dino mode. Now if only the instructions told me how to turn on the freaking lights in him...
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