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Originally Posted by EvMeister316 View Post
Hi Guys, just wondering what peoples experience is with Hasbro Australia and manufacturing defects? I just brought a set of combiner wars (Defensor) of Ebay from local seller all new and unopened. When I opened the Hot Spot I noticed the left and right hip joints didn't quite match. On closer inspection I identified that a left (front) hip jont piece has been installed on the right hip. This prevents the hip joint from rotating outwards past vertical meaning the toy cannot be transformed from robot mode rendering it essentially useless as a combiner. As the toy was not brought from a licensed distributor just hoping I won't be left out in the cold. I could propbably modify the piece with a hacksaw blade and file but this would be a last resort. If Hasbro could send me the part (likely 5c) it would be an easy replacement. Can post photos. Cheers.
Unfortunately, Hasbro doesn't offer replacements or repairs... they will tell you to take it to the retailer for an exchange or refund, who would then get a credit from Hasbro for the lost sale.
Which means if you bought it in a private sale, you will need to contact the seller about it, for a return or partial refund.

It's one of the benefits of buying from a local retailer, obviously if the item is still available, and they have replacement stock still on shelves when you bring back a faulty product.
Otherwise, Hasbro will say that it is buyer's responsibility or risk when buying from a non-retail source.

Probably the best you can hope for is a partial refund from the seller, and to locate a cheap loose figure that doesn't have any accessories (because you already have them all) to make it cheaper to buy.
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