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Well, I called a few Targets and what I got:

- They're expected to be in the big annual toy sale that is on in about 2-3 weeks. I asked one of them if they could hold them for me when they arrive but he said he couldn't b/c it'd be part of the toy sale and he couldn't do that.
- A lot of customers have been asking about them - at Camberwell particularly in Victoria. Looks like I won't be looking for my Convoy there.
- Most places receive a shipment once a month. The Box Hill and Forest Hill staff both indicated their last shipment was about 2 weeks ago so the next lot is about 2-3 weeks away which hopefully includes Convoy.

And I learnt that Target consider two of their larger stores to be Greensborough and Chadstone. So there's a chance that those will get more than other outlets.

A bit of a pain, that was 25 mins of my time but at least I didn't have to waste petrol. Back to studying for me now!
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