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Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
Your score: 12.5/20 (63%)

1: War for Cybertron, 2: The War Within, 3: G1, 4: Goldbug, 5: Pretender
6: Action Master, 7: G2, 8: Gobot, 9: Classics/Henkei, 10: Movie (1970s Camaro)
11: Movie (2009 Camaro), 12: Animated, 13: Alternity, 14: Prime, 15: Beast Hunters
16: IDW, 17: AoE (1960s Camaro), 18: AoE (new Camaro), 19: RiD, 20: The Last Knight

5: Couldn't accept this answer as almost every version of Bumblebee in G1 and G2 (except AM & Gobot) have appeared in the Marvel comics.
10: Half a point awarded. The first movie has 2 versions of Bumblebee and this was an image of the old Camaro Bumblebee. #11 is the new one which was also seen in ROTF so I awarded you a full point for your answer for #11.
13: Sorry, Alternity =/= Binaltech. Although I personally put 'em on the same shelves, but they are technically separate lines.
16: In the IDW comics Goldbug is a completely different/separate character from Bumblebee. So unfortunately I couldn't award you the point for it.
Above 50%. I'll take it.
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