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Question Which MP Skywarp?

Hi everyone,

After going through the pain of replacing orders not filled by Premium Collectables, I was just down to just MP33 Inferno and MP-11SW Skywarp. Since this was my 5th attempt at buying MP-11SW with no success, I ended up doing two things I said I wouldn't do...

1. Paying a lot more than I said I ever would.

2. Buying off eBay.

I was expecting to receive the second run version recently released for Japan via TakaraTomy Mall. The version PC should have delivered... I think that I actually received the older original run version.

1. The box appeared to be double taped (the flap was actually torn).

2. His purple is all uniform, I believe the reissue has a slightly different purple on certain parts.

3. He came with two booklets including a Chinese language version.

4. The box has a Chinese/ sticker stuck on the base.

However the box has no Hasbro 30th Anniversary logo which I thought was standard on the original run?

Hopefully its not a KO?

Any thoughts?
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