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Originally Posted by STL View Post
Nova is ultimately a Green Lantern knock off. Yes, he's got different layers to GL now but the essential concept is similar. Me? I like both of them.
pfffft. Marvel ripping off DC? NEVER! What are you going to say next, that Hawkeye and Mockingbird aren't original characters?

I've become a fan of Nova since Annihilation, he's really come into his own character and isn't the young idiot that first graced the pages of New Warriors.

And I think when it comes to the galactic stuff, Marvel might be winning. Annihilation, Conquest and now War of Kings all essentially manage to keep the bulk of Earth's heroes out of it, leaving them to their own wars, while over at DC it looks like Blackest Night will involve a lot of DC's Earth heroes.

So to me, Marvel's at least able to tell a grand story on two fronts, while DC just sticks to the same ol bunch and confuses the crap out of me.
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