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Originally Posted by Magnus View Post
Have there been any sources confirming Volkswagen's position? The TF Wiki page on licensed vehicles cites a TF Archive forum post wherein someone claimed to have contacted Porsche's licensing department and got the 'war machines' response, but they didn't cite VW. This article claims that there was actually no solid information from Volkswagen either way, and that there isn't any evidence for the Volkswagen 'war toys' claim. This kind of reminds me of how

If Volkswagen really were initially opposed, they likely changed their minds after seeing that an association with the Transformers franchise was beneficial for General Motors and that other manufacturers (Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari) were jumping on board.
Wouldn't surprise me if Porsche were against it because of the "war toys" thing but I've always heard it in relation to VW. Porsche is incredibly stupid when it comes to their licensing. While other VW brands like Lamborghini will licence to practically anyone because they understand how important it is to get the brand in front of the public, Porsche on the other hand is highly selective and the cost of the license is very high.
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