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Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
It could be the photography lighting because when I saw this toy IRL it didn't look so canary yellow. With highly detailed licensed vehicles like these the colours are often dictated or require approval by the motor vehicle company, because they'll want the colours to match the vehicles IRL. This is why BT Tracks was initially yellow.
I'll readily admit my lighting wasn't optimal; looking at my Bumblebee right now, his yellow is a bit darker than most of my photos. A different camera could also affect how he looks in a photo.

In comparing the figure to the Camaro used in the 2007 movie, it doesn't help that the colour of the car changes depending on the lighting and the shot. In some photos it has an orange tint to it, in others it looks metallic, like a bright gold.

It's unknown how specific the licensor - Chevrolet - is with Bumblebee's colours. Hasbro have had more than a few shades of yellow with Bumblebees over the years. That and the black and grey repaints (and 2007's Cliffjumper) seem to imply that Chevrolet aren't too fussy with the colours.
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