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Default Europa 2016 - Place your bets!


The race that stops the board is back in 2016. Lets look at some racer profiles so you can make some educated betting.

Model: Cybetronian Cycle
Description: Following in the footsteps of last year's winner Arcee, Chromia is not only here to defend female equality but also to prove 2 wheels are better than four.
Special ability: Lane filtering: if Chromia is equal place with another racer she will slip ahead gain 2 speed that leg. Also cannot roll a speed lower than 3.

Model: Cybertronian Supercompact
Description: Kid bot no belong in race you say? Wheelie says you super cray
Special ability: Survivalist: wheelie takes no damage from attacks and gains 1 speed every time he is attacked.

Model: Cybertronian Speeder
Description: A seasoned veteran and current galactic champion of both bot and alt-mode racing, Blurr has joined the Europa 2016 to show the earthlings what real racing is all about.
Special ability: Hyperfire engine: Blurr's experimental engine means he can roll up to a speed of 8. However if he runs three consecutive legs over a speed of 6 his engine will go haywire and will run at half speed for the remainder of the race.

Drag Strip
Model: Formula One Racer
Description: As part of Decepticon marketing on Earth, Drag Strip has been nominated both as their champion for the race AND to get him off Cybertron. The insufferable Drag Strip hates to lose and will do anything to achieve victory.
Special ability: Drag Reduction System: If Drag Strip is within 1 speed of the racer in front of him he will gain 3 speed that leg.

Model: Police Cruiser Concept
Description: One of the best and fairest lawmen in the Autobot ranks and is no slouch on wheels, he has entered the competition to keep the two Decepticon racers honest.
Special ability: Hot Pursuit: +2 speed if there is/are Decepticon Racer/s anywhere ahead of him on straight legs. +1 speed if there is/are Decepticon Racer/s anywhere ahead of him on curved legs

Dirt Boss
Model: Mini Monster Truck
Description: This off-road menace is the one to worry about this year. He has entered the race as the Decepticon insurance policy. If they don't win, at least they'll have a handful of banged up Autobots to show for it.
Special ability: Road Demon: Every time Dirt Boss overtakes or shares position with another racer he will run over them making them lose 2 speed. Furthermore the resulting debris slows all other racers behind him by 1 speed. Also his offroad ability gives +1 speed on curved legs.

Model: Drift Racer
Description: Drift is racing for great justice and redemption or something. Street courses are his speciality.
Special ability: Tokyo Drift: +3 speed in street (City) courses.

2016 Course
Leg 1: Central City (Straight)
Leg 2: Paprika Plain (Straight)
Leg 3: Carbombya City (Curve)
Leg 4: Galata Valley(Curve)
Leg 5: Continental Expressway (Straight)
Leg 6: Lake Bartels (Curve)
Leg 7: Chase Airfields (Straight)
Leg 8: Crown City (Straight).

So who do you think will win? Each new or broke member has 50 credits they can use to bet on the race. Betting will close when the actual Melbourne Cup race starts. Race results will be posted sometime after cup day.

NOTE: Payout odds subject the change before race time. All punters are entitled to change their betting up until the actual Melbourne Cup race time.

Win/Place Odds Based on results from 10 time trials dated 23/10/16
Chromia: 1:3 / 1:0.5
Wheelie: 1:10 / 1:5
Blurr: 1:1 / 1:0.5
Drag Strip: 1:2/ 1:3
Streetwise: 1:7/ 1:2
Dirt Boss: 1:10 / 1:5
Drift: 1:3 / 1:4

Trifecta: 1:20
Quinella: 1:11
First 4: 1:30

Also for further clarification, this year the odds will work as follows.

1:0.5 = bet 100 credits, win 50 credits and get your original 100 back as well
1:1 = bet 100 credits, win 100 credits and get your original 100 back as well
1:100 = bet 100 credits, retire from transformers sportsbetting for life

The following board members have either carryover credits from previous years and/or have won credits from this year's teaser game and are either not eligible, or have already had their 50 free credits applied. Balances are shown below:

STL: 512 credits
Ultimate Galvatron: 250 credits
Trent: 175 credits
Ultra Marginal: 165 credits
Deonasis: 150 credits
Sky Shadow: 100 credits
Bartrim: 100 credits
Ravagecat: 100 credits
Sinnertwin: 100 credits
Golden Phoenix: 100 credits

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