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Originally Posted by ampoldj View Post
Still no box pics for LG EX Metroplex? A gray and white big box like most EXs doesn't seem a good display
Yeah... it's seems like the main fansites don't see this reissue as news-worthy, as it seems that the box is the only thing different.
A person on TFW has been posting up various tweeted photos from post #153 of their Metroplex reissue discussion topic (go there and scroll down for various photo postings).
It sounds like it might have a new mini-comic... but I haven't seen any full scans yet. I have the original release Metroplex, but can't find the mini-comic (if it had one), to check if this one has a new comic.

Originally Posted by Bidoofdude View Post
None of the lewd stuff we've seen in previous comics this time around. Hmm.
You sound disappointed...
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