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Originally Posted by UltraMarginal View Post
So yesterday my wife mentioned that it's been 16 years since we started going out! 16 years, my how time flies. It was after a shift at Coles, where we both worked while studying. We went down to the Coogie Bay Hotel for a chat and a drink, we ended up talking until they kicked us out, then I walked her back to her place and talked more and then I went home while the sun was coming up. I remember walking/running up the hill pretty much high as a kite with excitement.

good times. and so many more to come.
That story made me smile a very big smile.

Originally Posted by 1AZRAEL1 View Post
Happy that I've secured 2 Grotusque sets from US TRU and sent to my friend in the US to get forwarded to me. 1 per customer be damned. More than I wanted to pay for a deluxe, but want it
Itís a great figure, excellent paint apps and a good use of the mould. I paid overs for it as well and am satisfied.

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