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Originally Posted by Bladestorm View Post
What will actually happen to parcels posted after 1st July that don't have GST collected on them?
Will they be stopped at the border? (seems like an expensive exercise to me)

Will gifts be required to pay GST too?
What's to stop someone getting a friend in another country to purchase and ship for them to avoid the hassle?

I don't mind paying GST on things I can't get here; my issue is restricting people from having choice because of its implementation.
One of my friend in the US has a package of stuff to send me for things not available here. Some things from Amazon that wouldn't send outside of the US, and Grotusque which we couldn't get here at all.

All I see is this as an exercise for Gerry to limit his competition instead of trying to fight it. Easier to just block his competitors. And even then, makes me want to not buy from his stores even more
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