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Originally Posted by Chevron Action Flash View Post
But that's eBay's gripe: they don't want to be tax collectors. And why should they? As someone else mentioned, the way to do this, if indeed it must be done, is to charge the buyer GST via the logistics company, be it Aus Post or whatever.
Which is also exactly what eBay, Amazon and other overseas online retailers have suggested.
Auspost and customs already have part of the infrastructure in place in the form of collections from individuals that order over $1,000 in a single shipment so it would be a lot easier to just expand that system.
Problem there is though that the government would need to spend more money and they dont want to do that, they want companies in other countries to do their tax collecting for them for free, which is another reason eBay doesnt want to work with this scam (because let's face it, it is a scam)
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