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Originally Posted by hYpNoS View Post
If I recall from a jp magazine interview the way Hasui designed the current titan devastator was to be "mp-like" product which would help better explain the newly added bits and the fact each one is voyager sized (or a neat little excuse for being so unnecessarily big )
That's correct. Shogo Hasui said that he treated Combiner Wars Devastator as a Masterpiece because there were no plans for one for the foreseeable future - in fact, he incorporated design ideas he had had for an MP Devastator into its design:

Concerning the points that are designed based on the original G1 version, it’s constructed similar to a masterpiece (transformer). The toy of course incorporated elements of the anime design. In fact to clear the tight development schedule, there are parts where I apropriated (sic) ideas for use in an MP Devastator that I had written down a long time before. I thought: “doesn’t this seem like the only chance I can make a giant MP Devastator, if I do my best here then the thing that the fans eagerly waited for can be realized”. I had the sense that there was nothing like it before. If it surpassed a masterpiece wouldn’t that be terrible (smile).
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