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I wasn't that impressed with TR PM Optimus, so this was my first experience of this mould as Optimus and I quite like it. As mentioned the ankles joints are a bit loose, and tend to bend and collapse at unfortunate moments.

Unfortunately this is a bigger issue when you connect Godbomber as the additional weight on the body puts more pressure on the ankle. I find that with Godbomber connected I need to find something to lean him against.

My figure at least has the widely reported issue of missing a Godbomber connector in the bottom of the feet. There are enough additional connection points that I can attach the boots, but they are not on as solidly as they should be and will pop off if I'm not careful. I can understand why Hasbro decided to cut this corner given that they won't be releasing Godbomber themselves, but it is still disappointing.
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