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Originally Posted by omega3 View Post
went to the collectors fair in mornington today and got G1 topspin for $2.50 and
bombshells instruction book and weapon for $7. which was perfect cause i already had the toy
nice to see someone going to the fair.
was there anything outstanding, great or bad to talk about????
give us a briefing if possible in that fair thread?

Acquisition last Friday from dirge:

- C-77 Rodimus Prime
- Classics Soundwave

New Acquisitions for today at the Melbourne BBQ Fan Meet-up:

[pic removed!!!!!!]

Gift Exchange - Optimus Prime bouncing ball and you know what i have :P
Freebie from DirtyDigger - Movie Prequel and Generations Trade
Freebie from Paulbot - Beast Wars stickers
Hauls from Demonac - 14 Micromasters (mostly complete, a couple incomplete), G2 Constructicons (incomplete)
Exchange with lhec - Energon Snowcat (exchange with RID Wedge) as well as parts to complete Yellow Build Team
Received from STL - 2 x I/R Control Micro Cars Bumblebee and Barricade

Although without hauls from the rest, its been a pleasure meeting up with Borge and his girlfriend, Turtleboy for coming down all the way, jaydisc and his wife (as well as the little one) for their wonderful place.
So long fellow Aussies....

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