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Originally Posted by liegeprime View Post
Hmmm I thought the Tfs are now made in Vietnam, I guess they didnt totally move their prod line entirely to Vietnam.
hmmm... that's true. I just checked the box and it says "made in China".

Originally Posted by liegeprime View Post
*snip* But when I migrated here and discovered ebay ( oh woes my wallet) that devy has been relegated to somewhere..... somewhere, hmmm can't think where I put it...
the basement!

Originally Posted by liegeprime View Post
I thought the facebook posts were poor shots coz I noticed the various shades of green , then I saw it here and apparently it IS the norm for this set. ah well. I guess it is their way indeed of setting it apart from KOs and Originals. sure looks kinda weird though in pics. Its like a vintage toy has gone degraded in plastic quality even though it isnt Is the coin thing only for HK released figs?
I don't think TT did it on purpose to set it apart from the vintage, why would they give a flying fart anyway. I think it's more just the cheaper quality plastic that is used nowadays. Cos to be honest, there are mold changes (which meant that they bothered to tweak stuff) and does combine better than the vintage, but then plastic is plastic. If they use the cheap stuff, colours turn out off-green...
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