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TFPrime Voyager Thundertron for US$22 - that's cheaper than a Deluxe here.
TFPrime Voyager Starscream for US$20 - should be less than here after shipping, but get a few other items with it to save more on shipping.
(just wish they had all of last four Voyagers (Dreadwing, Magnus, Thundertron, Skyquake), which we didn't get here... and are hard to find online)

Also, the redeco convertible Rescue Bots are up for $15 each - Optimus, Bumblebee, Heatwave, Chase. (they look horrible with half translucent parts... like pre-production prototypes)

Looks like the next batch of Kreo (Beast Hunters) will be put up in the next couple weeks as well, as one is already listed with a release date of January 29th.

Just placed an order for the four Rescue Bots (about Voyager size in packaging), and 3 Thundertrons... shipping came to a total of $14! That's $2 per Voyager toy! (makes the Thundertrons cost $24 each - cheaper than a Deluxe toy here)
The key is to buy a few extra items if you only want one, so that shipping is cheaper (keep adjusting your cart to get the best rate, and sell off the extras at an Australian retail price, or less if it was something released here).
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