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Originally Posted by heroic_decepticon View Post
guys, another price check request from me for vintage experts like Sky Shadow, Kup, Whoop, 5FDP, bruticus, dirge, liegeprime, jgon (where are you man?) and anyone else with working knowlege of the subject matter. Question to griffin too, since you obviously have these guys.

I've been offered the Jap exclusive Powermaster engines Aquastar, Boretto (Bullet) and Zettoca (Zatca) all MIB, C9.5 opened from MISB for inspection with complete paperworks.

Wondering what are your views in terms of rarity and price to pay? My subjective valuation, which has no basis on facts or research of any kind, is in the region of AU$65 to $80 each.

Too much? Too little? What are your thoughts?
Im no expert there HD but the ones I have seen are around $100 but thats on ebay and we know how much of a mark up they are so I think the region you mentioned would be about how much I would pay.
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