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Originally Posted by hanprimus View Post
Just curious with how much of the botcon shattered glass evil optimus going for theseday? More than$300?
Is it really worth something like that? Hmm...

Originally Posted by Ingram View Post
I scouted out every possible store I could buy TF from today in my town and I have some prices I'd like you guys to critique and tell me if they're worth it or not.

Supreme Class - Optimus Prime Animated - $60
Leader Class - Ultra Magnus Animated - $70
Voyager Optimus Prime Animated - $49
Voyager Starscream Animated - $49
Voyager Bulkhead Animated - $49
Voyager Cybertron Megatron Animated - $49
Animated Voyagers are in good supply in Melbourne Targets and have been on special (clearance) for around $25 but keep going back up to $49. If you're patient you might be able to get that price again (although I'm not sure in the regional centres).

Ultra Magnus is one of the best Animated Leaders (the best IMO). Again, the other Animated Leaders have been on sale for $20 at Melbourne Targets too but I've never seen Ultra Magnus that cheap. I bought Magnus for $70 when it first came out and don't regret it.

Supreme Optimus Prime is only worth picking up cheaply, otherwise you're better off spending money on Magnus or a Voyager toy.
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