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Originally Posted by Borgeman View Post
Picked up my MP 36, 39 and 12+ yesterday.

He was running late so we didnt chat long. He acknowledged they haven't been on top of their game (2 different email lists to handle orders and enquiries - I never received a pickup email until I asked, apparently theres been a few in the same boat; they're gonna change that), and stock is delayed from the supplier/ held up at customs. But all this was stated as if thats just part of the game (which it is) and there's no real problem.

I genuinely got the impression that he seemed oblivious to the current apprehension people have with local purchasing due to the PC debacle.
I had the same thing a couple of weeks ago with my MP Megatron and MP Sunstreaker. In the end I ordered a couple more things and asked for all to be sent together.
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