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No idea why he gave you a low score for shipping (All he covered was fuel - if anything at all) & the prick who refuses to pay you... I'd go with Sifun's suggestion & file a dispute.
It was my fuel. I took it around to him to drop it off. I think for the 3 star rating he hasn't actually looked at the stars and just clicked on 'neither reasonable or unreasonable' as there was no shipping costs at all for him. The d'head took it literally instead of thinking about it.

As for filing a dispute this guy says he is going to buy it but his last excuse was 'I can't make our appointment today as my work has had an emergency and I've had to fly to Sydney'.
I'm worried if I push non paying bidder on him I'll end up with neg feedback and wont be able to have it removed if indeed he ends up paying. Feel sorta stuck.

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