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Originally Posted by jacksplatt11 View Post
Yeah those prices suck, need more money dammit
Wait, what was the reason why I couldn't head down to Collector's Edge with you?

Originally Posted by jacksplatt11 View Post
War of Kings does look pretty sweet, Havok is pretty cool yeah, and although I've never read anything involving Nova he looks pretty cool too
Havok's pretty cool. I'm biased but I like him b/c he's always been the younger more hotheaded brother living up to the older brother type. Also his costume in the 90s was pretty awesome.

Nova is ultimately a Green Lantern knock off. Yes, he's got different layers to GL now but the essential concept is similar. Me? I like both of them.

DC Solicitiations May 2009

No Green Lantern that month! JLA is killing me, I think I'm going to drop it too. Really can't justify it anymore - so pedestrian. JSA is great tho I wonder how the new creative team will go.

And I'm very iffy on the Battle for the Cowl. Tony Daniel is a great artist, brilliant, but I'm not sure if I want to pick this up cos it could open a whole new can of batman worms.

The next HC for GL is out too. One thing I must say when I look at DCs trades. They have so much more legs than Marvels. I look at some of the titles and I see why. With Marvel, its more of a flavour o the month thing
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