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Originally Posted by Paulbot View Post
Looking into it, MB11 is based on the DOTM version so may not be able to combine with Jetfire, while MB17 is based on the ROTF version and can.

Some other differences with weapons and deco.
According to the dengeki article via google translate he's specifically colored TO combine with jetfire (so its a more seemless look I guess), both him and mb11 can combine (which is how mine is displayed currently)

From the looks of the images, the accessories between them are almost exactly the same, its just deco and its using the revenge of the fallen ab sculpt (mb11 is DOTM styled), I say almost exactly the same because deco changes and I'm assuming he'll lack the transforming gas tanks (which mine broke, never thought so much paint on a balljoint could make it so stiff,m had to close them up :c), pic below is mb11 for reference although lower legs are less metallic in hand

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