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We are still unsure how selling products 30-40% below overseas retail prices on average did not fully satisfy a understanding of wait times which with large growth over the years that meant if you were not first in line and not paying a express fee you would need some patience.
Good lord, this guy is a chode. Pretty sure selling requires the changing of hands of said goods, all this **** does is offer the chance of ever actually getting the goods you pay for (which is regressing to 0).

No apologies for never ordering stuff over a course of twelve plus months, no apologies for never replying to the hundreds of unanswered emails chasing any proof of these goods ever being ordered in the first place, the honus is on the customer to wait indefinitely for these orders to come. How dare the customers not understand they are buying these items for their eventual great grandchildren.

But don't worry, have another f***ing 15% discount!

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