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Chadstone has a bunch of "dumbo" staff...even if i'm unemployed, i won't want to be their supervisor there!!

customer: Hi, I would like to purchase this Movie G1 repainted Starscream as your catalogue says there's a discount for Voyager-sized Team figures

TRU staff: I don't think I can give you any discount? Wait, I'll have a look at the catalogue

TRU staff: Sorry, it's different. The catalogue shows a helicopter (Blackout) but yours is a Jet (Starscream). It's different so we can't give you a discount.

customer: But it says Voyager-sized and this is the same sized toy!!

TRU staff: I'll have to ask my Manager

TRU Manager/Supervisor: Sorry, it's different...we can't sell it!

So long fellow Aussies....
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