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Toys R Us don't seem to employ all that well.

I don't so much blame the staff, but everything is controlled from the Head Office. The stores don't know what stock they're receiving until it arrives, and the discounts are almost always set by the head office. The staff seem to be there purely to process sales and keep the corporate look intact, rather than to really be there to serve customers.

Few store managers show any real initiative clearing stock or setting up store displays. Which would suggest to me that TRU employ managers who can run a tight ship in terms of expenditure, rather than someone who can actually run a business.

From what I can see, TRU's business model is based on markup rather than high volume. Which relies on ignorance or exclusive lines. Unlike say, Big W, who generate far more sales, with a MUCH broader customer base, albeit with lower margins. The latter is more sustainable, long term.


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