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Originally Posted by Galvatran View Post
Nice try Myer. Don't see them moving any time soon. TRU had them at 50% off, then 60% off then 70% off before they finally found homes or eBay ().
It's so ridiculously overpriced, I know they did upgrade the Vader mould but the rest of the set is just some plastic and cardboard, I got mine at 60% off at TRU, I think low $30's, I also got two of the other figures for 50% off and then got Luke the other day at the reject shop for $10, slowly but surely I'll get it complete the cheapest way possible
The only other figure that was re-tooled is Leia. The rest are standard reissues of their Black Series versions.
The later it gets, the less sense I will make (usually anything beyond 19:30 Qld time).
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