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Originally Posted by liegeprime View Post
You wont have to worry much about the snake men for the 200x series figures kup, there's only Kobra Khan and "the General" = Rattlor (as he was called in the 80's), Tongue Lashor, Squeeze and all the rest of the snake men that "had" a figure in the original series only have Statues in the 200x series - sadly..... wouldv'e been awesome if they had official moving figures.

King Randor there is a statue is he? If you still want to get the snakemen statues - they had them before at the Parramatta Phantom zone ( went on sale a few months ago) but am not sure if they still do.
Yeah, the Stactions is what makes them difficult as it drives the shipping up due to weight and have high risk of damage if not in their original packaging.

I will try to get General Rattlor and Cobra Khan but they are pricey compared to other figures. I am also after an Evil-Lyn and Sorceress so she can go with the castle.
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