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I have mixed feelings about this film, after thinking about if for a day I came to the conclusion, I love this movies themes, but dislike the plot.

I like that this movie takes a different spin on my Star Wars expectations, I like the whole Luke, Rei, Kylo dynamic, all those actors were on top form. I feel that unlike most Star Wars films this one has quite a lot of thematic depth, particularly when it comes to ideas of heroism, and legends. The story arc sort of turns the traditional idea of the great hero on it's head for once daring against all odds heroics don't save the day. I like the duality between Kylo and Rei, one longs to escape the past and the other desires it. Also the Rei parents reveal = awesome.

I also noticed that this was the First New Star Wars not to have forced nostalgia Easter eggs in it, I mean they were there, but they weren't as in your face as they were in the two previous films.

Things I don't like, the escape from the First order plot, IE: the slowest chase in the galaxy. This made no sense to me, sure the Resistance ships were faster, but the callous Fist Order were afraid to send their fighters in without cover even though the Resistance had no fighter cover? does the First Order not have it's own bombers? Couldn't they have just done short hyperspace jump to put a capital ship in front of them? Couldn't they have called in reinforcements to trap them? Whatever happened to tractor beams?

And on the resistance side, if only one ship was tracking them couldn't they have split up, or if hyperdiriving your ship into the enemy causes so much damage why didn't they do that earlier when they had more ships? These rebels are not very smart, no wonder most got wiped out.

The other thing I dislike was the whole arc with Finn and Rose that achieve nothing, it really made the move drag in those parts.

As said above some of the humour was misplaced, not bad, just used at the wrong time.

Anyway that's my rant, I'm still stewing over what my overall thoughts are, I would kind of like to see it again, however there are parts I would like to fast forward through.

Originally Posted by Paulbot View Post
A couple of things about the timeline of the movie felt a little off: the Resistance is very slowly getting away (for days?) and the First Order couldn't find some way to overtake? Still thinking about it a lot though since I saw it and I'm keen to watch again.
That's my major gripe, admittedly Empire Strikes Back has the same flaws, Luke seems to be off for weeks while for Han and Leia it seems like a day.

My main annoyance is that with all the tech and military power the First Order has been show to have, they just decided to sit back and let them run out of fuel, I guess they only had one dreadnought.

It kind or reminded me of the 2000's Battlestar Galactica yet more silly, or perhaps the steamroller scene from Austin Powers.
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