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Originally Posted by BigTransformerTrev View Post
That's ok, my wife and I tuned into the show to see the TF stuff and ended up quite liking the show anyway - we may end up watching it regularly (if our kids ever let us watch TV of an evening properly )
Sign of a sad super-geek spotting an "inaccurate" prop for an 80s TV show... by freeze-framing a scene at the start of that episode to see what version of Optimus Prime Adam is holding onto while talking to his dad, and noticing that it is not an original 1980s Optimus toy, but must be one of the 2004/2009 Hasbro reissues because of the small smokestacks.

(I actually laughed out aloud when I saw it, because I then imagined being one of those obsessive people for details, complaining about the TV show being cheap/lazy by not using a real 1980s Optimus toy... )
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